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Construction Systems
System 10 The new revolutionary System 10 pool tank construction system uses the latest in design innovation making the once impossible, possible. To build concrete overflow swimming pools using precast panels in record time. The System 10 precast panels are easily assembled giving a guaranteed perfect finish to the final structure.The interlocking System 10 precast concrete panels come complete with an integrated pool surround drainage channel. Once the pool tank is constructed using the System 10 precast panels and completely waterproofed using the “Hidroelastic” membrane system, the pool tank is then ready for tiling using the “Ergo System” range of porcelain pool tiles from “Rosa Gres”. The overall result of using the System 10 level deck pool design in conjunction with the Ergo Tile System, is simplicity which offers a guarantee of a faster construction time, greater durability and strength & resistance within the pool tank construction process from start to finish.
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