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Construction Systems
The 9 System provides a prefabricated border that significantly reduces the cost of building the cement overflow channel and enormously eases the construction of the overflowing pool. It ensures both a perfect finish and flow. The system involves a prefabricated border that consists of a set of blocks made of water-repellent cement, designed to function as a channel and a support for ceramic tile at the same time. The advantages of S9 1. REDUCES the costs of constructing the cement overflow channel. 2. EASES the installation process, saving time and labor. 3. FACILITATES the installation of the pieces because they have been designed for easy placement. 4. IMPROVES the upper finish of the Gunite cement wall. 5. ELIMINATES problems that frequently occur with molds. 6. ENSURES a perfect finish to the pool. 7. MAXIMIZES AESTHETICS. The visual presentation of the pool, once the border is in place, is straight and homogenous. 8. OFFERS a complete series of trims. A perfect solution for each detail: built-in stair tread, corners, anchors for pool lane dividers among others. 9. PREPARED for the placement of Rosa Gres modular tile.
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